How do I Move my Furniture from Manila to New York?


The Philippines is home to a variety of cultural and creative novelties that expats are often drawn to take home as mementos and souvenirs of their stay in this colourful Asian country. Many expatriates are eager to import woodwork, home decor and artwork when moving from Manila to New York. When this occurs, the most important concern is how to bring these pieces into the United States.

US customs do follow specific rules if you intend to bring your household effects. The experienced team of international movers at Allied Pickfords have compiled a list of facts and tips to help you move your belongings from the Philippines to NYC.

Bringing my Furniture when Moving from Manila to New York

According to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), household effects such as furniture, linens, artworks and the like that are intended for personal use are allowed to enter the country. These items should be categorised as “used” (for at least one year) from the country where you were previously residing and should not be intended for resale.

If you have arranged to ship your furniture, your personal moving consultant at Allied Pickfords can help ensure your shipping company has arranged to clear your goods through CBP and deliver them to your doorstep. Your moving company should notify you as soon as possible and you are expected to fill out the CBP Form – Entry to release the goods and undertake the processes of clearing your items by yourself. This means you have to go to CBP’s port of arrival and perform the necessary formalities.

Your bill of sale and landing should be ready at hand when you arrive in America. Any uncollected/uncleared goods within 15 days of arrival will be sent to General Order Warehouse, where you have to pay storage dues.

Is my Furniture Duty-Free?

Any furniture is deemed duty-free if it is made in countries that have normal trade relation status with the US. Any furniture that is purchased within 12 months and antiques that are less than 100 years old will incur an additional 10-15% duty charge of the overall cost of moving. Additionally, wood furniture is required to undergo a sanitising procedure to prevent the infestation of pests. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website will help you learn more about importing wood products.

When doing an international move, such as moving from Manila to New York, you can seek advice from our experienced movers. The team at Allied Pickfords understands the formalities and legalities when it comes to importing household belongings and will help take some of the responsibility off your shoulders. Contact us now via so we can answer all of your furniture shipping questions.