Lipat Bahay vs Moving Company: The Best Way to Move Home in Manila

If you’re a native English speaker and you’ve moved to the Philippines for work, you are most likely manoeuvring as best you can around the language barrier. If you’ve just landed in the Philippines and are in the process of looking for a suitable place to settle, you may have encountered the words “lipat bahay”. In context, lipat bahay translates to house movers. It is basically the local term for a moving company. In the booming real estate business in the Philippines, many young professionals opt to leave their regional family homes and live closer to their workplace. This will save them time and money by minimising the daily commute through heavy traffic. 

Moving With a Family

Settling in Manila means you’ll be swept up in the fast-paced city life. You will find many professionals with school-aged children juggling their busy jobs and school pick-ups. The Filipino education system allows for children to be in school most of the day to accommodate their parents’ hardworking schedules, with the average school day starting at 7.30am and finishing at 4 or 5pm. Because moving is so time-consuming, it can be rather stressful trying to pack up a household and move your family in Manila. The best way to move your home is to organise for a professional Manila moving company to do it for you.

Lipat Bahay is widespread and cheap, especially in Manila, where most of the country’s moving takes place. You will see advertisements scattered in and around the metro on broadsheets, walls and electrical poles, as well as websites plugging the services of many a Filipino mover. Yet, they’re not all what they make out.

There are many small lipat bahay services, offering ridiculously cheap prices. Budget lipat bahay consists of small vans or closed trucks, with removalist teams merely loading and unloading your pre-packed boxes and furniture from point A to point B with no added extras. Often, the work is done manually without the proper moving equipment. Some Manila lipat bahay have been known to try to trick customers with hidden charges.

Being mindful of who you’re hiring, especially because you are allowing strangers to handle your belongings, so you want to be sure they’re professional. Choose a reliable moving company, which employs staff backed by enough experience and the right moving equipment to handle your needs. 

The team at Allied Pickfords has created a list of pointers to help you hire a competent mover in the Philippines.

How to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

1. Customer ratings.
In this era where customer insights and feedback can easily be shared via websites and social media, it is easy enough to evaluate a company’s reputation. Before engaging with a moving service, check what the customers have to say. Visit the mover’s website and check the status on social media sites. 
2. Check the company history.
Reliable moving companies take pride in their reputation. Visit the About Us page to see how long the company has been in operation, and have a look at the company vision and mission statements, as well as what sets them apart from competitors.
3. Free no-obligation quotes.
Quality moving companies in Manila will happily provide free estimates. They will visit your premises to itemise the quantity of furniture you’re taking with you to assess the cost. 
4. Personal moving assistant.
Moving is not an overnight process. A reputable moving company will provide you with a personal moving assistant, who you can contact whenever you require assistance.
5. Secure storage facilities.
The Philippines has a wonderful tropical climate, which can be unpredictable and prone to high humidity. When unforeseeable circumstances occur, your furniture should be kept in secure and climate-controlled storage provided by the movers. If your lipat bahay does not provide this, you may want to look at another mover. Additionally, your mover should be insured against loss or damage to further safeguard your belongings. 

Contact the Experts

Proper planning, as well as creating an orderly timetable and a comprehensive checklist will help alleviate a lot of stress from your move in Manila. Be sure to book a moving company as soon as you know your moving date to avoid missing out. Allied Pickfords Philippines provides impeccable services and has reliable movers to make sure your furniture is well taken care of. Contact a moving team via our website for a free estimate.