Local Moving Day Checklist


The strenuous activities you’re likely to be undertaking in the weeks preceding your move in the Philippines can take a physical and emotional toll. The stress of moving your household may make you overlook simple but necessary chores, especially if moving day is fast approving and you’ve been putting off your items on your ‘to do’ list. Having a moving day checklist will help reduce the risk of missing little things that may become big things if you forget about them until the last minute.

If you’re organised, you may have started to plan your relocation weeks or even months before the moving date. You may even think you’ve arranged plenty of the formalities required for moving in the Philippines, yet it pays to compile a checklist that has everything ticked off before moving day arrives.

The expert team of movers at Allied has listed a number of things you need to double-check before you’re ready to hand over your house keys.


Things to do (and check) on Moving Day

Always complete a final walk-through of your soon-to-be former home. Make sure to check all built-in drawers and storage spaces. Turn off the lights and water supply.

  • Coordinate with your moving consultant at Allied for any special instructions, parking arrangements and other directives.
  • Check all loaded items in the moving truck. Double-check your inventory. Count all your hand-carried items and know how much luggage you’re going to put in your own car, such as backpacks, shoulder bags or any plastic bags.
  • Double-check all important papers, jewellery and cash, including the keys to your new home.
  • If you are moving with pets, make sure you have all their necessary documents with you. If you are travelling by land, check if their food and water are sufficient for the entire trip.
  • For yourself and your family, pack snacks and stay hydrated.


Things people tend to forget when moving

While you’re busy rummaging throughout the house, in furniture drawers and among your personal effects, you may tend to forget the following things. Make sure to tick them off of your moving day checklist.

  • Food in the fridge. Make sure to consume the perishable foods left in your fridge. Do not buy too many groceries in the weeks leading up to your move.
  • Your subscriptions. Did you make the necessary arrangements and notify your change of address with your utilities service providers?
  • Any clothes in the local laundry or drycleaners.
  • Phone and computer chargers and charging kits. Because we often have these out on a bench to use, we tend to forget packing them when moving day comes. Make sure you have a spare, just in case you leave yours behind.
  • Remember to pack an extra shirt, blanket, sweater, deodorant, umbrella, frequently used medicinal supplies, and scarf in your “overnight bag”.

A checklist is an essential part of any large undertaking and moving house is definitely a job whereby you don’t want to miss important items. You are free to add more elements to your list should you need to. On the other hand, you can use our moving day checklist.

The team at Allied is committed to providing you with a stress-free move, whether it be locally in the Philippines or internationally. We will provide you with a personalised moving consultant to reduce your risk of missing anything important. Contact us at alliedpickfords.com.ph to discuss your moving needs.