Moving Home Checklist


For Filipinos, the idea of moving home is both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you have been out of the country for a long time. Or perhaps you’re an expat living in Manilla whose contract is finally coming to an end. Whether you are moving as a transition to another country or going home permanently, a flawless move should be a priority.  The experienced team of international movers at Allied Pickfords has provided a checklist when moving home in the Philippines or to elsewhere around the world to help make the transition as efficient as possible.

Checklist When Moving Home

Create a comprehensive timeline. Prepare a notebook or a journal. Setting up a timetable can help you organise the tasks to tick off your checklist.

4 Months Before Leaving

  1. Evaluate your furniture. Moving is the best time to declutter. Give yourself plenty of time to decide on the furniture you want to send back home or leave behind in the Philippines. If you are an OFW or a Returning Resident, your personal and household effects amounting to PHP 350,000.00 can be deemed duty-free. However, anything exceeding this amount will be taxed.

    Consider if you need to bring your vehicle as it is difficult and requires a lot more effort and customs clearances. However, if you have decided to take your vehicle with you, you can visit the Philippine Customs Regulation for the requirements when bringing in these items to the Philippines.

  2. Arrange your moving date with a reliable moving company, such as Allied Pickfords. Undertaking all these relocation processes on your own can be a nightmare and you need a professional to help you get through. Contact an experienced moving company as early as possible. International relocations will require additional documentation, so be sure to connect with your Filipino mover as soon as possible. Allied Pickfords has been helping individuals, families and businesses achieve smooth relocations for decades.
  3. Sell/donate. Set up a small garage sale or check for organisations where you can donate the items you’re leaving behind.

2 Months Before Leaving

  1. Contact prospective schools and universities. As early as possible, contact the educational institutions where you want your child to attend. Arrange all the necessary requirements.
  2. Settle your loans. Before leaving your country of origin, be sure you have settled all your debts: bank loans, traffic fines, credit cards, mortgage and the like. Settle all postdated cheques you have issued as well.
  3. Handover your office duties and perform your clearance with your HR department. Start coordinating with the HR department for the required clearance and handover.
  4. Start packing little by little. Buy boxes, adhesives and wraps. Pack the things you don’t use often. Label as you do and keep an inventory of all your belongings.

1 Month Before Leaving

  1. Advise your landlord you are closing your tenancy contract and start fixing minor problems, if any, around the house.
  2. Secure your valuables, original documents, passports, exit clearance and the likes.
  3. Transfer all your money to the Philippines or to your home accounts.
  4. Close your bank, utility and telecom accounts. Complete whatever subscriptions you have as well.
  5. Get all organised with your mover. Double-check the arrangements.

Note that if you are a Filipino transitioning to another country, make sure your passport is at least six months valid before your departure. Finding yourself a reliable moving company such as Allied Pickfords and sticking to your checklist when moving home will help you attain a smoother relocation.