Should I Tip Movers in The Philippines?


Wondering if you should tip movers in the Philippines is a tricky one because tipping in the service trade has always been a delicate issue. In Asia, tips are about 20% lower than in the UK.

Trade in services requires a lot of effort, especially if it involves strenuous physical activities. Filipinos are hard workers. They are friendly and industrious but they certainly wouldn’t stick their hands out and wait for you to give them money after doing their jobs.

When Should I Tip Movers in the Philippines?

When you appreciate their work.

One way of showing your appreciation to your Filipino movers is by tipping them with money or in kindness.

Remember that relocating your furniture is a tough physical job, which involves lifting and transporting heavy loads. Make sure you have plenty of cold drinks to offer your movers in the humid Philippine climate. You can also offer your movers food or snacks. Filipinos are naturally appreciative, so if you are not sure how much to tip the movers, food is always a great idea. Simply tell them, “kain po!” which translates to, “please, eat!”.

When your movers provide you with great service.

When you put a lot of faith into your movers handling your valuables and assets and they respect your belongings, it’s OK to show your appreciation.

Most movers in the Philippines would tell you they’re great at their job, but unless you’ve seen it first-hand it can’t be proven. Good service means open communication, proper handling and courteousness. For Filipino movers, good service extends to having a permanent smile on their faces and going out of their way to help you with other requests. If you think your movers have done more than what is expected, give them a token of appreciation.

If you’re really happy with the entire moving experience.

Movers in the Philippines value their jobs almost as much as they value their families. That is why they always do their best when it comes to work. Although there will always be a rotten tomato within the good ones, most employees will make sure they leave a positive impression on their customers.

A simple “thank you” would suffice most of the time. But let’s face it - we all want to be rewarded for a job well done!  The best advice is if you want to give tips in monetary value, you might distribute the funds to the individual movers rather than giving it to one person to let him divide it between the team. If you’ve moved to the Philippines as an expat and found that you have too much furniture for your new home or any items you don’t need, you can offer any of these to the movers. This is a great way to tip if it makes you uncomfortable to gift with money.

In general, gratuities are not mandatory. Giving tips is solely based on customer discretion. However, if you’re wondering how much of a bonus to tip, PHP 100 is usually enough. However, you can give them more or less, depending on how satisfied you are with their service. 

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