Top 5 US Foods You Won’t Find in the Philippines


If you’re an American expat moving from the US to the Philippines and you’re feeling a little homesick for certain foods you enjoyed Stateside, you may struggle to find your favourite products on the shelves at local stores. So be prepared to become a little more adventurous with your diet and try the exotic and fragrant local cuisine or ask for a care package to be sent from home to satisfy your cravings.

The Filipinos like to make foreigners feel at home in their country, which they are very proud of. Not only do they show this by their hospitality, but many local businesses are conscious of the best ways to make the expats feel like home is to have their local delicacies and snacks available for purchase. While there are already a lot of American brands and foods readily available in the Philippines, there are still a number of products that haven’t yet reached the country.

Below are the top 5 foods you might be craving but won’t find in the Philippines.


If you are an American residing in the Philippines, you might be a little frustrated if you don’t find any SpaghettiOs available at the local market. This is the famous spoonable canned spaghetti created by Campbell Soup executive Donald Goerke in 1965. It has a strong tomatoey taste, which most Americans love. It greatly contrasts with how Filipinos like their spaghetti; sweet and creamy.

Try asking a Filipino to try the SpaghettiOs and you can count on your fingers how many of them will like the taste. It is because Filipinos grew up with the Jolly Spaghetti by Jollibee, which has an unlikely sweetened taste.

Girl Scout Cookies

Who doesn’t love Girl Scout Cookies? They bring your tastebuds back to childhood, however there is some issue about the name. Formally known as Samoas, they’ve been relabelled as Caramel deLites, causing controversy in America. Regardless of their label, there might be times during your stay in the Philippines, you’ll have a strong desire to eat these tasty treats. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you head home to the US. There is one place in Manila that has tried to replicate the Scout’s Honor Girl Scout Cookies, but the team at Allied isn’t sure how authentic they taste, so maybe it’s worth a try.

Chex Mix

This cereal is not only addictive but it’s so tasty it doubles as a salty or spicy party mix to serve as nibbles. It has been served in the average American household since the 1950s. Even to this day, the millennials love it. Its versatility has added an edge to this delicious product, yet, unfortunately, the Philippines has yet to import Chex Mix to add to their supermarket shelves.

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Cape Cod Potato Chips are so good they taste like homemade chips. Therefore, Americans can’t say no to opening another pack of these delicious snacks. It is lightly seasoned with a tinge of flavour. If you are moving from the US to the Philippines, your tastebuds will have to wait for a friend or relative to bring these chips to you straight from America.

Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Pretzels

It is easy to fall in love with pretzels, so, there is a lot to love about Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Pretzels? TJ lovers will have a hard time coping with their cravings for this peanut butter pretzel goodness because there are no shops in the Philippines that sell these to date.

If you are resourceful enough, you can still find a way to bring these snacks into the Philippines. You can either check Facebook groups or online shops like Lazada, which can order these snacks for you. Or you can visit S&R, a membership-only shopping chain that sells a wide range of American products.

Moving from the US to the Philippines entails a lot of adjustments to a new life living abroad, but let craving your favourite foods be the least of your worries, with professional and seamless international relocation options from Allied.

*Disclaimer: The snacks we’ve chosen are not readily found at supermarkets as of writing. If you know of any stores that sell any of the products provided, please feel free to contact us.