Top Expat Organisations in the Philippines

Filipinos are generally hospitable and accommodating. They make sure that foreigners living in their country are well taken care of. However, there are times when expats will look for support groups they can identify with. There are numerous expat organisations in the Philippines that you can join, depending on your nationalities and interests.

Here are the team at international mover Allied Pickford’s top picks: 

The Australian & New Zealand Social Association

Meet new friends, have fun and join events for a cause while in the Philippines. ANZA organises and hosts gigs around the Manilla metro area so members can expand their social network, while enjoying Philippines’ local culture.  ANZA is also committed to giving back to the less fortunate citizens in the country. They have supported a number of charities over the years that help slavery, oppression and poverty.

Membership Fee: PHP 1500 per year.

Alabang Ladies International Group Inc.

Alabang Ladies International Group (ALIG) is a non-government organisation based in Alabang. Like ANZA, ALIG is one of the many expat organisations in the Philippines that brings locals and expats together and connects them through charitable deeds. The group organises social events and helps their members get to know more about the Philippines. You can connect through their Facebook page.

Membership Fee: PHP 2500 per year


British Women's Association

BWA consists of a diverse group of people who help members adjust to the local lifestyle. BWA is also aligned with charitable organisations, focusing mainly on women and children. They also help expats become familiarised with the best locations for shopping, dining and entertainment.

MEMBERSHIP FEE: PHP 1500 per year and PHP 1200 for membership renewals.



InterNations is an online group that connects foreigners to their expat counterparts living in the Philippines. If you are still in the process of planning your move and want to get to know more about life on this wonderful island, this is a great online forum to gain further information. Members of InterNations can supply you with loads of information on the ground.

Membership Fee: Free. You just need to sign up



Greenpeace is an organisation that operates around the globe, proving that when people work together to achieve a certain purpose nothing is impossible. Members are environmentally conscious individuals, who seek to help by tackling issues regarding environment and world peace. Founded by Irving and Dorothy Stowe, Greenpeace boasts around 15,000 volunteers around the world, working together to create international harmony. You can either volunteer at a local office or start your own campaign. The office in the Philippines is located at #30 Scout Tuazon St., 1103 Quezon City.

Membership Fee: Free, and you can donate anytime or take a pledge.


There are a lot of other expat organisations in the Philippines, which can help you cope if homesickness starts to kick in. The people of the Philippines will help make your stay a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, whether you are relocating permanently, working for a contact or just passing through.


If you are moving to the Philippines, make sure you contact your professional international movers Allied for a seamless transition.



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