When Should you Book your Mover?

Packing boxes

There are many questions associated with moving, whether it be locally or internationally, especially for first-timers. One of the most crucial questions of all is when should you start booking a mover. You might think that you could leave it all till the last minute. But if you want to avoid any nasty – and potentially expensive – surprises, you should contact your Allied Pickfords moving consultant the sooner rather than later. 

Evaluate Movers as Early as Possible

There are a lot of moving companies with a promise of extraordinary service to consumers, however Allied Pickfords has the historical background of a solid reptutation in customer satisfaction. Customer feedback plays an important role as well. You can check your mover’s website or visit the office. Booking a mover early will give you plenty of time to evaluate how much you need to do for a smooth move in the Philippines.

How Soon is Too Soon?

Some movers take reservations as early as six months prior to your relocation, especially if clients require an international move. Ideally, you could book a moving company at least 3 to 4 months in advance. Note that an international relocation requires a longer reservation time because customs clearance requirements involve considerable time to complete and may encounter delays. A longer time span is called for if you are to export your belongings from the Philippines to your destination country.

If you are moving within the Philippines or around the metro, including Manila, you can book a mover 8 to 12 weeks in advance. About 50 percent of relocations occur during national holidays, the summer season or on weekends. If you are looking to move during any of these times, book early as these time periods fill up fast.

What if my Moving Date is Tentative? 

Often, you won’t be able to pinpoint the exact date of your move. This could be due to interruptions from the weather, processing legal documents in the Philippines, or minor holdups in your country of destination. You can still book early. You just have to advise the moving company that there might be some wiggle time on the dates. If this happens, check if a transitory date will incur extra charges. Before paying a deposit, make yourself aware of the mover’s terms and conditions because you don’t want to encounter a non-refundable deposit should you opt to cancel. 

Always remember that the key to a smooth relocation is proper planning. Prepare a checklist and a timeline. Separate the belongings you need to bring from the ones you don’t and decide whether to keep, store or sell.

Booking early will land you better deals with your moving company. The earlier you hire, the better the rate. Should you find yourself short of time, you can always book a Filipino mover for at least 2 weeks in advance. The most important thing to remember is that booking early will give you more options. It will allow you to get a good look at the mover’s contract, the terms, and the fine print.

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